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Feb 5

A Workshop on Invention Registration

Feb 1

A 2nd Tabari Festival

Feb 15

A Workshop on Invention Registration

May 1

A Workshop on Invention Registration

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Dr. Majid Saeidi

“ Research and Technology are the pillars of progress in the field of medical and health services in the country ”

Dr. Majid Saeidi

Head of Research and Technology

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The Deputy of Research & Technology (DRT), a part of the Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, is the medical research agency making important discoveries that improve health and save lives

The DRT Director

Dr.Majid Saeidi, Ph.D., was officially sworn in on August 17, 2017, as the 7th director of the DRT.

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DRT leadership plays an active role in shaping the agency's research planning, activities, and ou...

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During twenty years, the research and research achievements of the vice chairman played an import...